From prevention to recovery

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Thank you for attending the Nordic Conference on Eating Disorders #neds22
The Nordic Committee greatly appreciates feedback on the program and the event, to ensure that the next conference can be planned according to your expectations and needs. We would be grateful if you could answer this short feedback form

Register for young research event

One aim of the Nordic Eating Disorder Society (NEDS) is to facilitate research in the field, especially research that implies co-operation among professionals in the field in the Nordic countries. To support this aim, we now invite all young researchers (masters students, PhD students and postdocs) to a 90 min presentation and social interaction event, moderated by Rasmus Isomaa, chair of NEDS, and David Clinton, associate professor at Karolinska Institutet. Pre-registration is required.

Change in program

The thematic session “Mentalization based therapy” is unfortunately cancelled. We move the thematic session “Binge Eating Disorder” over to the Auditorium Utsikt. The third session, “Transgender in eating disorders” is held in Auditorium Bredde as originally sheduled.

Gala dinner

Buses takes you to the gala dinner Thursday evening
We have booked buses to take us to (and from) the gala dinner at Holmenkollen Restaurant. It is also possible to get here by tube (or taxi). The buses will leave from The Olympic Sports hotel at 06:30 PM (for those who stay at this hotel) and concurrently from the back side of Thon Hotel Opera, (Dronning Eufemias gate 4, 0191 Oslo). Buses will have “NEDS” signage. Returns will be at 10:30 PM from Holmenkollen Restaurant. #neds22

Workshop Friluftsliv

Are you planning on attending the outdoor workshop on Friday?
As this workshop takes place outside, please bring a jacket or sweater suitable for Norwegian September mornings. In addition we ask you to bring your cellphone and some ear pods (if you have). This workshops will cover the time period for two sessions; hence from 09.00-11.15am. #neds22

The 13th Nordic Congress on Eating Disorders
took place in Oslo, Norway, on 7–9 Sep 2022.

The theme of the conference was “From prevention to recovery”.

Hosted by the Norwegian Society for Eating Disorders,
in collaboration with the Nordic Eating Disorder Society.

Keynote speakers

Professor Bryn Austin

Accelerating Progress in Prevention of Eating Disorders: A call for Policy Translation Research & Training.

Dr. KariAnne Vrabel

Dr. KariAnne Vrabel

Moving beyond pre and post – a clinical approach.

Professor Anna Keski-Rahkonen

Professor Anna Keski-Rahkonen

Hope for Eating Disorders? Building successful long-term outcomes.

Professor Eric Stice

Effective and Efficacious Eating Disorder Prevention Programs