The Nordic Eating Disorder Society invites clinicians, researchers, and other interested parties for this digital spring meeting.

Time: Wednesday 10th of May, 18.30–20.30

recent report (click on the link to see report) from the Norwegian user-representative organization “Rådgivning om Spiseforstyrrelser (ROS)” points out that only 1-in-5 receive treatment for their eating disorder. We hear patients speak of the difficulties in qualifying for help or having easy and quick access to treatment. We have also seen an increased demand for specialised treatment services, and clinicians speak of a limited capacity. In this webinar, we will explore if there is a potential for increasing the availability of eating disorder treatment.

We have invited representatives from the Norwegian primary healthcare service and the specialized healthcare service to speak from their perspectives and engage in a dialogue about the potential for better collaboration. We invite you to take part in the discussion following the presentations and to share experiences, ideas, and questions.

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Leader of the Norwegian Society of Eating Disorders, PhD Therese Fostervold Mathisen:
Welcome to the Nordic webinar!

Senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PhD Lasse Bang:
Time trends in eating disorders and other mental disorders among children and adolescents in Norway.

Senior physician at Åsebråten Child and Youth Psychiatric Clinic (South-East Norway), MD Janne J. Hassfjord:
The situation in our ED unit – what has changed and may exploration of new ways to collaborate with primary healthcare services help.

Senior physician at Unit for EDs at the Norwegian Hospital Inland (Mid Norway), MD Oda S. Hammerstad:
The situation in our ED unit – what has changed and may exploration of new ways to collaborate with primary healthcare services help.

19.20-19.30: SHORT BREAK

Specialist in General Medicine and General Practitioner (Westcoast Norway), MD Kari Løvendahl Mogstad:
What are the knowledge, focus, efforts and service offers for EDs in Primary Healthcare? Do we see opportunities for better collaboration with specialized healthcare services – are there underutilized competencies or new potential services or units within Public Healthcare?

General Discussion.
Speakers and audience are encouraged to share ideas, and experiences of successful efforts or projects, or to ask questions.

Background information

See relevant links as background information (click on the following names/links to get access to relevant information):





See an illustration of the Norwegian public health service model highlighting the integration of primary healthcare and specialised healthcare services – notice the distinction in services between grey and green background colours (unfortunately only in Norwegian text): Spiseforstyrrelser – hvordan søke hjelp (PDF)