Dear colleagues, 2022 is the new 2020

This is my fifth letter pertaining to the NEDS 2020 conference and the COVID-19 situation. Unfortunately, the development of the COVID-19 situation does not allow us to arrange a Nordic conference in February 2021. The board has discussed the situation together with the Norwegian society and we have decided to once again postpone the conference.

There is reason to believe that the situation will stay uncertain for some time, we wanted to set a new date for the conference, which we strongly believe to be feasible.

The next Nordic conference on eating disorders will take place in Oslo in September 2022!

Postponing the conference will lead to some special arrangements. The most important include arranging the NEDS General assembly online and rejecting all submitted abstracts.

The NEDS general assembly is an important meeting for the society. At the assembly, the activities and the economy for the society for the past two years are discussed and the board is discharged. This time we will also elect a new chairman of the NEDS board. I have served my four-year election period as chairman, but if re-elected by the assembly I am willing to serve for another four years.

The general assembly is arranged via Zoom on November 16 at 18:00 Finnish time. The agenda for the meeting and a Zoom-link will be posted on the NEDS website

The abstract submission system for the conference will be temporarily closed and all submitted abstracts will be rejected. We will re-open the system and send out a new call for abstracts in the beginning of 2022.

Please follow the conference website for updates, new deadlines and other useful information.

Stay safe and take care of each other! We all look forward to seeing you all once the crisis is over.



Rasmus Isoma,

chairman of the Nordic Eating Disorder Society ( )