Dear colleagues,

The NEDS board held a meeting on March 30 to discuss the current situation and the upcoming conference. At the moment, it seems unlikely that we will be able to arrange the NEDS2020 conference as planned. We did however not make a final decision yet. We will meet again at the end of April. By then we will hopefully have more information and thus be better equipped to make a wise decision.

Our advice for you now is to not make any travel arrangements. We are grateful for all submitted abstracts and we will keep in contact with all authors.

If the NEDS 2020 conference can´t be arranged in September as planned, we will postpone it to a better time. Please follow our website for updates and information.

Stay safe and take care of each other! We all look forward to seeing you all once the crisis is over.






Rasmus Isomaa, chairman of the Nordic Eating Disorder Society