Camilla Lindvall Dahlgren (NO), Joakim de man Lapidoth (SE), Louise Högdahl (SWE), and Rasmus Isomaa (FIN) recently launched the “NIG Web”, a Nordic Eating Disorder Society (NEDS) interest group for internet-based intervention and prevention programs for eating disorders (see Our primarily areas of interest are currently guided internet-based self-help, unguided internet-based self-help and smart phone applications.

As most of our research and clinical work is in its infancy, we feel that there is a need for expanding Internet literacy, and the understanding of how online solutions can be used to prevent and treat eating disorders. We know that there are a number of other eating disorder experts in the Nordic countries who share our interest in web-based interventions, and who, like us, would like to share and expand their scope of knowledge in this particular field. We further believe that this fairly young discipline will benefit from international collaborations, with the potential of reforming clinical practice in eating disorders. Through NIG Web meetings, presentations and discussions we wish to inspire the development of new ideas, common research projects and perhaps even shared technological solutions.

With this email, we would like to invite you to join our special interest group “NIG Web”, but also to encourage you to spread the word of this group. Feel free to invite friends and colleagues who share our interests in online prevention and treatment for eating disorders, and who wants to make a difference, both clinically and in terms of research.

We are planning a 1-day NIG Web meeting in one of the Nordic capitals in October or November 2015. This meeting will allow for us to meet in person, and to start discussing common interests and ideas. In order to start planning the meeting, we would like to know if you are interested in attending. If so, please fill in the form attached and return it via email to camilla.lindvall(@) We will circulate a new email with more details once we know who (and how many) are interested in attending.

NIG Web Members and Meeting Participants

We look forward to hear from you!

All the best,

Camilla, Joakim, Louise & Rasmus