Due to the corona situation, the NEDS Conference has been postponed until 7–9 Sep 2022.


We aim to give you a memorable congress experience, keeping a high scientific level, offering a varied program; and also including sporting activities for mental and physical health. During the congress you are offered oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, lab technology experiences – and of course inspiring meetings with dedicated colleagues and friends.

Please note that the program will be updated with regards to details (summer 2022).


When What Details
11.00-11-30 Opening
11:30-12.30 Keynote Prof. Bryn Austin: Accelerating Progress in Prevention of Eating Disorders: A call for Policy Translation Research & Training
Chair: Jorunn Sundgot-Borgen
12:30-13-30 Lunch With poster session
13:45-14.45 Paper presentation P1a. Sports and exercise, chair: Therese F. Mathisen
P1b. Somatic challenges, chair: Jorunn Sudgot-Borgen
P1c. Treatment challenges, chair: Inger Becker
15.00-15.15 Coffee
15:30-17.00 Thematic seminar
  1. Are we overlooking potential neurocognitive effects from guided physical exercise during therapy of EDs? Chaired by Dr. Therese F. Mathisen
  2. Somatic health in anorexia nervosa. Chaired by Prof. René Klinkby Støving
  3. How to approach treatment of people with obesity and BED. Chaired by Mari-Mette Graff
17.00-18.00 NEDS General Assembly
19:30–21.00 City hall reception


When What Details
07:30-08.45 Sport activity
09.00-10.00 Keynote Dr. Karianne Vrabel: Moving beyond pre and post - a clinical approach
Chair: Rasmus Isomaa
10:15-11.15 Workshop Three parallel sessions
11:30-12.30 Paper presentation P2a. Treatment, chair: Pia Charpentier
P2b. Diagnostics and epidemiology, chair: Jakobs Anna Danielsson
P2c. Body image, chair. Käthe Svantorp-Tveiten
12:30-13.15 Lunch
13:30-15.00 Thematic seminar
  1. Transgender in eating disorders. Chaired by Dr. Gry Kjærsdam Telléus
  2. Mentalization based therapy. Chaired by Bente Sommerfeldt
  3. Binge eating disorder. Chaired by Dr. Sanna Aila Gustafsson
15.00-15.15 Coffee
15:15-15.30 AED/PCAC
15:30-16.30 Keynote Prof. Eric Stice: Effective and Efficacious Eating Disorder Prevention Programs
19.00 Gala dinner


When What Details
07:30-08.45 Sport activity
09.00-10.00 Workshop Three parallel sessions
10:15-11.15 Workshop Three parallel sessions
11:30-12.30 Keynote Prof. Anna Keski-Rahkonen: Hope for Eating Disorders? Building successful long-term outcomes
Chair: Therese F. Mathisen
12:30-13.30 Closing remarks Chair: Therese F. Mathisen
13:30 Lunch (grab & go)
14:00-15.30 Nordic Network for Young Researchers (see below)

Friday September 9th at 14:00-15.30

Nordic Network for Young Researchers

New research and new researchers are essential to the sustainability of the eating disorder field. One aim of the Nordic Eating Disorder Society (NEDS) is to facilitate research in the field, especially research that implies co-operation among professionals in the field in the Nordic countries.

To support this aim, we now invite all young researchers (masters students, PhD students and postdocs) to an event in conjunction to the Nordic ED conference in Oslo. The program includes short presentations and social interaction. Our ambition is that this event will be the first step of the formation of a Nordic network for young researchers in the ED field.

The event will be moderated by Rasmus Isomaa, chair of NEDS, and David Clinton, associate professor at Karolinska Institutet.

The event is free of charge, lasts 90 minutes, but pre-registration is required.