The Nordic conference is biannual and gathers eating disorder professionals from the Nordic countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland. Eating disorder professionals from around the world are also most welcome. The conference is in English and thus accessible to a fully international audience.Neds Conference 2016 is organised by the Finnish Eating Disorder Society.

In 2016, from September 21st to September 23rd, the conference will take place at the northern metropolis, Helsinki, in Finland. The conference venue is the famous Helsinki Congress Paasitorni located in Siltasaari, near Hakaniemi market. Read more about the location.

October 2016: Thank you for participating. The conference is over and we are both happy and proud over the success of NEDS 2016. Most presentations are available online here and more will be uploaded during the coming days. After a while we will give this webaddress to the organizers of NEDS 2018, but for now you can get a sneek peak of the coming conference at

September 2016: Abstract book now online. The abstract book is now published online and can be downloaded from the Abstracts page. Please note that no printed versions will be available at the conference. TAke a look a make a wise decicion regarding which sessions to attend.

August 2016: See the human behind the illness. Only one and a half months to go. We have returned to the planning table after the summer vacation and are looking forward to the final dash. The conference blog has been updated with a piece from guest blogger Suvi Markus. Suvi is an expert by experience and she will share her story with you on the last day of the conference.

June 2016: Battling misinformation. Today (June 9) Finlands largest newspaper Helsingin sanomat published an article on male eating disorders and the problem of identification. The article is found here:

World Eating Disorders Action Day. On June 2, 2016 we celebrate the first World Eating Disorders Action Day. The day aims to advance the understanding of eating disorders as serious, treatable illnesses. We join together with eating disorder activists, professionals, parents/carers and those personally affected to promote worldwide knowledge of eating disorders and the need for comprehensive treatment.

NEDS 2016 would like to join in the celebration of the first ever eating disorder day by announcing new guest speaker Michael Monroe. Monroe, an esteemed Finnish rock musician and an inspiration to many, will speak at the dinner event on 22 September. The focus of Monroe’s presentation will be on how to live a healthy life and find balance in a crazy world.

Stay tuned as soon we will invite you to join us for activities we have planned for the first conference day Wednesday 21.9 before the actual programme starts. More information to follow soon.

May 2016: Registration continues. We already have nearly 200 registered participants and only around 40 seats left for the gala dinner. The conference venue can handle up to 350 participants, but the dinner is a bit more limited. Make sure you don’t miss out! New blog post with dinner plans.

April 2016: Exited! The early bird registration ended last week. There were a lot of activity during the last days and we now have over 150 registered participants. Thinking about travel plans? You might want to arrive early on Wednesday. We are planning activities for the afternoon. Keep track of the website during the spring to see what we are up to.

March 2016: Hurry up early birds! Early bird registration ends at April 1st. Register now and make get the conference gala dinner on 22.9.2016 for free (worth 75€).

February 2016: Full programme online. The scientific committee and the NEDS board has reviewed all abstracts and authors have been given notice of acceptance or rejection. We have had some problems with the abstract submission system, so if you have submitted an abstract and not yet heard from the scientific committee, please contact rasmus.isomaa[@] The full programme is available online at:

January 2016: Abstracts submission is closed. We asked for and received a lot of interesting abstracts for all types of presentations. The abstracts will now be reviewed by the scientific committee, and main authors will be notified of acceptance via e-mail.

November 2015: Registration for NEDS 2016 is now open. The conference fee is 750 EUR (incl. VAT) and includes lunches and snacks on the 22nd and 23rd as well as the welcome reception on the 21st. An Early bird registration is offered until April 1st 2016. Early birds gets the conference gala dinner for free!

October 2015: Submit your abstract now. In addition to the plenary sessions we are looking forward to a lively exchange of ideas from all Nordic countries. We are looking for abstract representing both the clinical reality and scientific research. The abstract submission system is open until the end of December. All abstracts will be reviewed by a scientific committee.

Eating Disorders: Information and Misinformation

Eating disorders are in many ways connected to learning and dissemination of information. We adopt certain beliefs about society and how we are expected to look and behave through a cultural learning process.

Patients learn from each other, professionals, and the media how to behave within the frame of their disorder. Treatment also involves a lot of learning. Psychoeducation is an integral part of most treatment programs today, and to recover from an eating disorder the patient needs to learn new ways of behaving, thinking and relating.

A common understanding between patient and therapist is crucial for successful treatment.

Unfortunately eating disorders are plagued with misinformation and misconceptions. There are myths, prejudices, and biased media coverage which influence the picture of eating disorders.

An improved understanding is the key to sustainable development of the eating disorder field.

What can we do to provide a better understanding? Join us for discussion at Neds 2016, in Helsinki.

Myth one: Looks

Can you tell if someone has an eating disorder simply by looking at them? No. We cannot determine someone’s health by how much they weigh. Eating disorders can happen anywhere in the body mass index spectrum.

Myth two: Choice

Some say, that eating disorders are a choice lifestyle. No. People do not choose to have eating disorders. They seriously restrict the life activities of persons afflicted with these illnesses.

Myth three: Gender

Eating disorders are commonly associated only with white, middle class females, and particularly with adolescent girls. But, did you know that one in every four eating disorder cases are male?

Closing speach

The conference is over and the process of recovery has begun. The conference was, in my very biased opinion, a success. We offered the 280 conference participants a high quality scientific programme, opportunities for making new valuable contacts, an.....

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